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Academic Work (available upon request)
Post College:

Knox, D., et.al. (2005, January), An Automated Cell Processing System for Assays of Immune Function: Development and Validation, Poster presented at LabAutomation2005, San Jose, CA.

Knox, D., Epling, L., Sinclair, E., and Bredt, B.. (2004, May) Use of automation to perform Intracellular Cytokine Flow Cytometry. Poster presented at the Annual J. David Gladstone Retreat, Montery, CA.

Hermann, G.J., and Knox, D. (2003, December) Investigating C. elegans apoptosis in an undergraduate Cell Biology course, Poster presented at the American Society for Cell Biology Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA.

Hermann, G.J., and Knox, D. (2003, June) Investigating C. elegans apoptosis in an undergraduate Cell Biology course, Poster presented at the 14th International C. elegans Meeting, UCLA, CA.

Eisenhut, R.J., Knox, D., and Hermann, G.J.(2005) Characterization of a conserved apoptotic marker expressed in Caenorhabditis elegans phagocytic cells. Biochem. Biophys. Res. Comm. 335:1231-1238. abstract paper

Knox DB, Suni MA, Ghanekar SA, Maecker HT, Epling CL, Sinclair E, Bredt B,, McCune JM, Maino VC, Dunne JF. Performance of Cytokine Flow Cytometry with Automated Specimen, Reagent, Tube, and Plate Handling Utilizing Lyophilized Antigen and Antibody Plates. (in preparation).

The College Years:
Cell Bio, 2002:
For my Cell Biology class we are looking at C. Elegans, a worm. Here are images from our research. Here is our final paper.

Mathematical Contest in Modeling, 2002:
In teams of three you are given 96 hours complete one of two problems. Here is the link to the problems, and our solution paper. I also have put up the compiled program, a.out

India cultural study program (Fall 01):
I went to India for a while on a semester abroad program. While there, I did Independant Research which led to my paper entitled: "HIV in India: A small study of medical facilities and services from the time of infection until death", and two short essays, "Power Shortage and Sustainable Development" and "Hierarchy of Labor"(censored, sorry). I also was in charge of the program webpage.

History of India: Past and Present (Spring 01):
A paper on Indian Nationalism
My research paper on Dowry in India

Biology 151: Genetics and Evolution (Spring 01):
We performed a lab testing the Vigor of Inbred Drosophila Melanogaster
Here is our raw data, summary of data, and here is our final lab report (pdf) and (doc) format

Well, if math had papers they would be here, but most maths don't so you are out of luck.


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